Tuesday, June 19, 2012

any given Tuesday

by the time his alarm went off
we had both been awake
for half the night
mean dreams tangling us within our sheets

too groggy to think,
I took my vitamins on an empty stomach
so by the time I got to the school
to learn beside my principals
I was vomiting.

then drank coffee. ate a ham and cheese croissant.
started learning.

at lunch
the conversation centered around
veteran vs. new (TFA) teachers
pre-K and post-K
black vs. white
autonomy, unions, whether a non-teacher could be a principal
charter. public. traditional.

I learned that the one person
in this with me
from the beginning
may be about to lose his job

because his students are doing so well
they apparently don't need him any longer.

I reviewed budgets.
I solved problems.
I gained respect.

Then: to happy hour
with local beer and deep dish pizza
to discuss the state of public high schools nationwide
with the country's best AP teachers
who are proud to be part of my work.

finally: home.
I drew a very hot bubble bath
because even on very hot days
my muscles need soothing.

I put in a load of blended laundry:
removing stains
changing sheets
wringing out dirt

I bathed.
I shaved my legs.
I styled my hair.
I removed my contacts.

I folded laundry.

And I wait for our date to begin
for him to come home

for things to change.