Monday, July 30, 2012

The Olympics

Emmy, to the ladies: What makes a man think "I'm going to become a master floor exercist"? Do they need sex that badly?

Odette: They are short, strong, and their moms are afraid of contact sports??
E: Their moms should watch Rudy.

Brooke: I was JUST thinking, "I would never do a guy who said he won the gold medal in floor exercise." It doesn't excite me.
E: I would do a gold medalist in anything. I need to add that notch to my belt.
B: You can have my portion of floor exerxists. I'd gladly do a swimmer. Or tennis player. Or any other gold medalist. good luck!
E: Ping pong! Beach volleyball! Lunge! Slalom! Figure skating!
B: I said ANY OTHER. Just not floor exercise.

Daniele: Maybe that's how one gets the ladies' attention in China or Russia?
E: Communism trumps everything!
D: LOL. All these guys are super short. Perhaps they had to resort to leaping and flipping just to get noticed?
E: I noticed. But I am certain that I have nothing to offer them. Except for my perfect breasts. Which all people, of all orientations, notice.
D: And all political/economic philosophies!
E: They are the great equalizer.
D: You (they) should probably sit in on the next round of Mid-East peace talks.
E: Alas: cleavage is unholy to Allah. Rude.
D: Oh come on. Is a little hijab really all it takes to neutralize the power of your breasts?

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