Thursday, August 30, 2012

irene --> isaac

Last year at almost exactly this same time, Hurricane Irene ravaged the Northeast.

The prayers of the people at church that Sunday were from World in Prayer, which disappointingly completely forgot to mention the Gulf Coast this week.

They are applicable to everything I feel right now.


For warning systems that work,
for people who heed the warnings,
for safe travels away from danger,
for all who flee,
and all who help.

For shelter for the displaced,
for all who keep order,
for food and medicines and diapers delivered.

For buildings that withstand the onslaught,
for resources to rebuild, restore,
for helicopters that reach where roads and bridges no longer go,
for people who lift fallen trees
and crumpled vehicles and torn up stones.

For those who braid together severed power lines,
and start running water trickling through pipes again.

For those, days later, still without electric power,
and those, days later, who are still shaken by finding they are powerless
against such forces.

For learning to let go of things we thought we needed,
and finding things we thought we'd lost.

For finding our inner selves intact
and healing
in the face of change and loss.

For new friends made, and communities strengthened,
and unexpected angels in unexpected places,
For heroes, and cowards,
the wise and the foolish,
children and grownups.

For discovering that the dead are still alive in our memories,
and life still treasured in our hearts.

For the assurance that You, O God, were there at our beginning,
are with us in all our journeys,
and will be with us at our arrivals...

For this and more, and more, and more,
We give you thanks, O God.

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