Saturday, June 15, 2013


I moved to New Orleans and developed an allergy to live oak.

I grew up on "South Live Oak Parkway," so, no irony is lost on me.

So for about a month every year, I am unable to wear contact lenses or eye makeup because my eyes are allergic to the air. This is not an exaggeration.

I'm blonde. Mascara is my stranded island beauty product. I do not appear to have eyes unless I am wearing at least 18 coats of mascara.

I tweeted something to this effect (obviously, more succinctly), and the Skin Studio wrote back something like "Have you ever tried an eyelash tint?"

You, ma'am, are doing social media correctly!

So I booked with Ashley. It changed my life. I decided on a combo lash/brow tint for $30, which was a great deal. After 20 minutes with Ashley, I don't feel like an albino misfit if I leave the house without eye makeup. I don't have to spend four minutes filling in my eyebrows, which are 80% of one's facial expression, as I need 100% of my facial expression.

I look like I am wearing mascara when I am not. All of my lashes, from the roots to the tips, are a color no blonde owns naturally but every one wishes she did.

I really cannot speak highly enough to this beauty treatment.

Last week, it was time to do it again. Ashley was booked at the time I needed, so I went with one of her colleagues and was so disappointed in the results that I went back yesterday for a redo with Ashley.

They compensated my entire service.

Ashley now has a client for life, and I think you should consider becoming one, too.

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