Tuesday, November 12, 2013


A friend has asked me to help plan her wedding. She recognizes that I possess excellent event planning skills; have thrown more than a few fabulous parties; love spreadsheeting; and have the kind of attention to detail that is necessary to manage budgets, guest lists, decorations, transportation, etc.

Plus, well, I have the time to give.

But there's not much time. They want an outdoor venue in late March or early April 2014 in the greater New Orleans area. I think they are going for a more informal feel, but I need ideas and recommendations for everything: cakes and catering, photographers, flowers, makeup artists, invitations, bands. Applications that will sync lists between my android and her iPhone. Software or books to invest in. Websites or blogs to read.

Please don't simply say "Pinterest." The one time I was on that website, I quickly closed it. I don't think I'm girly enough, and I know that I am not crafty enough. The only do-it-yourself creating I have the talent for is writing haiku and cooking. I don't think they want to say their vows in haiku form, and I have no desire to begin a catering business out of my four-burner stove.

They've done the hard part: they've planned their marriage. Now all I have to do is plan the first day of it, and I'd welcome your help.

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