Sunday, June 22, 2014


World Cup: I can't quit you.

Maybe it's because we've been watching games at the Irish House, where all pints are $3 during games.

Maybe it's because male soccer players are, wholistically, beautiful.

Maybe it's because I have girlfriends who love watching the games, so it's an opportunity to catch up with them.

Yesterday, during the Iran game, I was surprised by how many female Iran fans were dressed in tiny tshirts and shorts.

I said so, today.
My beau: Well, Iran was incredibly progressive before the ayatollah.
Me: Really? Are there any progressive Muslim countries now?
Him: ... Turkey?
Me: But my Turkish roommate couldn't be gay there.

Which started a whole conversation about which countries are progressive enough for people to be what I believe is a genetic predisposition. But, hell, for the sake of argument, let's just say "countries progressive enough that people are allowed to have choices about who they love."

And it came back to America, where the three of us recognized that one couldn't be gay in most of America.

We sipped our $3 pints.

Then a coed baby shower walked in. A very pregnant, beautiful black woman is wearing "Baby Mama" sash; a very beautiful Latina is wearing "Baby Daddy" sash.

New Orleans: I can't quit you.

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