Monday, March 26, 2012

do you think there's a heaven where all the screams have gone? --tori amos

I've been practicing yoga on and off for nearly 15 years. Until tonight's class at Wild Lotus Yoga (forgive the comic sans on their website), I had no idea that "om" represented a specific chakra (if it's on wikipedia, you know it's true).

Right before Christmas last year, my mother and I went to Canyon Ranch, where I learned that wellness was equal parts diet, exercise, and meditation. I think that at any point in my life, I've been good at two of any three things.

I'm trying, in various intervals and at widely various degrees of success, at being good at all three. Yoga counts for two of them for me, so I try to make time for that. Rather, I'm trying to make time for yoga... at least until happy hour counts as diet, exercise, and/or meditation. (Blessedly: sex, at least the way I have it now, tallies in my favor.)


the silent "om"

I didn't know different "om"s represented different spheres

"om" as I always knew it
as it is commonly known
represents third eye
the center of the forehead

"hom" came from the throat
and another noise from the heart

but the sound of the crown
the "om" from the top of one's head
this voice
is silent

tonight I learned four different "om"s:
their existence
their difference
their purpose

but the silent "om" stayed with me
during and after class
screaming in my head

echoing into the space
underneath my halo

begging you
to breathe with me
to be
to listen.

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