Monday, November 9, 2015


I really like lists. They give me purpose and meaning when I can only see chaos in the world.

Grocery: eggs, produce, protein, vinegars. (Thank you, Whole30.)

To do: budgets, laundry, mastering homemade bolognese.

Best restaurants in New Orleans: what price point, neighborhood, cuisine? (I keep intending to make this post. It's not so much a list as a spreadsheet.)

Worst lovers.
Favorite television shows.
Best eyeshadow brands for blue eyed blondes.
Best hair products for curls, for little girls, for smoothing curls.
Favorite recipes for feeding a crowd.
Worst bosses. Worst sandwich ideas. Worst outfits.
Favorite Christmas memories, cocktail, George Clooney movie.
Why I applied to the colleges I applied to.
Preferred love language(s).

Things I talk about at work: sex, sex trafficking, and prostitution; how we improve ____; why we should manage tourism; and historic preservation.

Galas I'd like to attend/causes I'd like to support: practically endless.

So much chaos.
So little time to make sense of it all.
So many ways to try to love my neighbor.

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