Thursday, November 10, 2016


Our wedding is one month (!) from today. Here's what I/we have left to do:
  • All the wedding cake. Due to a disappointing tasting experience with the original vendor, we will now spend the next week eating cake (which is not especially on my bridal diet). The good news is that my beau's mother is coming into town this weekend, so we'll be able to taste with her and with beau's daughter, who missed the cake tasting Round One and will be thrilled about being a part of the Final Round. We have one appointment tomorrow, one Saturday, one Monday, and one later next week.
  • Pick up his wedding band once it arrives at the jeweler. 
  • Decide on two of six menus. (Four down, two to finalize.)
  • Receive and alter my rehearsal dress. It's due in next week. 
    • Choose which shoes to wear with the rehearsal dress.
  • Receive, finalize, and wrap gifts for the bridal luncheon
  • Create a will
  • Write one million thank you notes
    • Design/order or find more stationery
  • Obtain a marriage license (which we can do after I receive my birth certificate in the mail)
  • Prepare and sign a prenuptial agreement
  • Assemble hospitality bags for all hotel guests
  • Finish premarital counseling with our priest
  • Choose a perfume (I read somewhere to wear a new perfume on your wedding day so that the scent going forward is always associated with that moment in your life. I can vouch this happens, since I now think of our trip to St. Martin every time I use the sunscreen we used for the first time then.)
  • Create a list of "must haves" for the photographer
  • Write approximately 800 emails for the purposes of accomplishing the above and for making sure everyone knows what's happening and when.
I have delegated quite a bit, as is my practice. I did not want a wedding coordinator, so I have heavily relied on friends and my mother to help coordinate all that goes into wedding planning.

I really thought it was just like planning a really big party. But, in reality, it's planning several really big parties.

It can be very frustrating, so I keep trying to remind myself that the important part is already done: we've already planned our marriage.

I have also decided that I do not want perfection. It truly doesn't matter to me if it is a perfect day, because perfection doesn't exist in human nature, so it's a ridiculous goal.

My goal for our wedding day and for all of the associated parties is that it will be fun. I want everyone to have a good time; I want there to be a lot of laughter. I want new friendships to form and happiness to be shared.

And it shall be.

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