Sunday, November 13, 2016


We are having an afternoon wedding. Our reception venue has a 300 degree view of New Orleans, so we backwards mapped everything to arrive there at sunset.

My dress is extremely formal. I told my beau (heretofore referred to as "Beau") that I didn't want to look like we were going to different parties, since my dress is much more formal than his suit. 

So we started talking about morning attire
The total headcount for the male portion of our wedding party is two people: a groom and his best man. Once we galvanized enough male attendees (my dad and brother, some of our best/favorite friends, some of my cousins, maybe one of Beau's uncles), we requested that all men wear morning dress. Beau didn't want it to look like he and his best man were going to a different party, specifically a costume party, from everyone else.

I was immediately bombarded with questions.

Short answer: have you ever seen the Duchess or Duke of Cambridge dressed for a formal daytime event? Now you have a model. 

We have not mandated attire. We suggest any male who wishes to rent morning dress from Perlis call Ryan Vogel with his measurements this week, and any male uncomfortable in this kind of attire wears a blue or grey suit. We suggest fascinators for female guests rather than hats.

And we suggest you come ready for amazing and beautiful fun.

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