Saturday, November 5, 2016


I won't disclose any details of the dress I'll wear on my wedding day, but I will share that I'm wearing my mother's mantilla veil for the ceremony and then using my grandmother's veil as my party veil.

I'll wear my mother's cap, which is not something I originally expected to do, and I'll have a new fascinator made to attach my grandmother's veil to. My hair will be up because I am the sweatiest person I know, and with the rate it's taken for summer to end, we may be in for a warm wedding.

I am honored to wear these items. My mother took exceptional care of her veil (and her dress, which I considered refashioning), and my grandmother keeps wondering why anyone would want her "old cheap netting." It's silk (which was less expensive than nylon in 1949), and my seamstress said she can't imagine how much it would cost per yard today. My mother carefully washed it in Martha Stewart's recipe for a bleach bath, and it looks great.

I cannot wait to party in it.
I cannot wait to marry in the veil my mother wore in the church that she would later baptize me and my brother in.
I cannot wait to wear in my hair what the women who begat me wore when they begat their families.
I feel incredibly blessed to have these women, these things, and what they symbolize in my life.
I love that I will be crowned with their love on my wedding day, that their love will flow around me, that their love will frame my face and my pictures.

May our wedding day beget much love.

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